Whisper Creek Log Homes

In 2005, Big 4 Development partnered with Whisper Creek Log Homes to become their preferred builder throughout Utah. We have now built more Whisper Creek Log Homes than any other builder in the United States.

We blend our experience building custom homes with Whisper Creek Log Homes’ expertise building quality log home kits. A Whisper Creek Log Home built by Big 4 Development creates a log home unlike anything else on the market.

Whisper Creek produces the most revolutionary log home system in the industry. All components are built in a factory with systemic precision. Big 4 Development then partners with the most reliable, qualified contractors and suppliers in the area to complete your log home in less time than it takes to build a traditional log home.

Whisper Creek provides a wide range of affordable solutions from recreational homes to elegant primary residences. Their log home kits are available in many models and sizes, one to fit your needs. Big 4 Development then ensures that your home is customized to fit your taste, lifestyle and budget.

We welcome you to be our next proud homeowner, no matter the size or style of home.

You can visit Whisper Creek Log Homes here