We are an authorized dealer for Whisper Creek Log Homes and walk our customer through the process of selecting and buying a Whisper Creek kit. We make sure that the kit is personalized, that plans are engineered and that the kit is delivered as scheduled.


We own our own crane and have a full-time set crew. We set the shell of the home including walls, timbers and roof. The customer then completes the home.

4-way Inspections

We progress a home to the point that it will pass a 4-way inspection. This includes excavation and foundation, setting the shell, framing the interior walls and completing the rough plumbing, electrical and heating. The customer completes the finish work.


We help a customer select a Whisper Creek kit and then customize the home to fit taste, lifestyle and budget. We do all the hard work including building permits, excavation and foundation, utilities and coordination of suppliers and sub-contractors. When we’re finished the customer moves in!

Other Kits and Models

Though we build many Whisper Creek homes, we can also build other kits or stick frame a home to a customer’s specification. No matter the size or style of home!

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No matter how unique, we will provide the service to address your needs.